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The first step is to generate and collect diverse ideas from multiple people. Brainstorming can take place with the group in a single room, or via the web, which is a highly effective way of quickly gathering input from large stakeholder groups. Once brainstorming is complete, refine the list for the next step: structuring the ideas.


Ideas are structured using two steps: sorting and rating. In sorting, participants organize the entire database of ideas into groups or themes based on similarity of the ideas. Each idea is placed in only one pile, but respondents may use as many piles as they wish.


Participants also rate the refined ideas using a predefined scale designed to reveal important associations among the ideas. Once all ideas are sorted and rated, the analysis can begin.


groupwisdom™ uses multi-dimensional scaling and hierarchical cluster analysis of participants’ structuring work to create concept maps and reports that reveal the perspective of the entire group of participants as well as sub-groups, allowing for efficient and effective decision making.

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