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The New Generation of Group Concept Mapping Technology

Designed With Your Projects In Mind

groupwisdom™ is revolutionary—it extends Group Concept Mapping’s capacity on all levels, maintaining GCM’s powerful engine and going further—with a new look, new functions, and new experience for you and project participants.

Navigation is easy and fun
Help is here;  with articles, tutorials and design support
Supporting your participants is immediate and seamless
Expanded data collection allows for larger projects to meet your needs

Valuing Your Participants With Clear Engagement Tools

Participation is easy for anyone, anywhere, at any time that works for your project. Your community of interest can brainstorm ideas, organize them, and rate them for value using any tool that works for them!

Easy data collection via virtually any device; and don’t forget face to face meetings!
Simple navigation for participants
Clear and responsive privacy protections

Enhanced Analysis Performance

You know that Group Concept Mapping is a respected and well-documented, method for organizing people to produce “group wisdom”; hence the new name of our technology. Enhancing the analysis, speeds through the basic analytic steps, that include multi-dimensional scaling, hierarchical cluster analysis, and several proprietary tools that provide richness and depth to results.

Visualizing Your Project’s Results

Show your stakeholders their ideas using the polished maps and reports of groupwisdom™. Combining group engagement with quantitative analysis leads to visual results that are inclusive, complete and ready for use to support your project. explodes the basic cluster maps, go zones and pattern matches to help you know the data and tell the story of your project completely and accurately, to lead to great results.

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