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Our Team

Mary Kane, M.S.; President and Principal Consultant

mary_web_photo_2012 Ms. Kane is the President and Principal Consultant at Concept Systems, Incorporated (CSI).  Having built the company from a single person “shop” to a well-regarded consulting and methodology company, Ms. Kane has restructured The Concept System® and client processes to ensure that organizations benefit fully from CSI’s capabilities.  Her consulting experience includes strategic operational planning, product and program development, education and training design, and program needs assessment and evaluation.  She also supports clients through organizational and leadership development consultations.  In collaboration with clients and research colleagues, she has co-authored numerous articles on the applications of group concept mapping and pattern matching in organizational decision-making and strategic planning.  Ms. Kane is also first author of the definitive volume on Concept Mapping: Concept Mapping for Planning and Evaluation (Sage Publications, 2007).

For over 20 years, Ms. Kane has planned and conducted process and group consulting for federal, state, and county agencies, health and mental health organizations, private corporations, non-profit agencies, and school districts.  She has provided consulting counsel to groups ranging from small boards of directors to organizations represented by thousands of stakeholders.

Ms. Kane co-founded and became the Principal Executive of CSI in 1993 after a successful career in the management and growth of community-based cultural and learning organizations.  Under her leadership, the company has invested in the redevelopment of its software and process technology, and has expanded the scope of CSI methods and services to meet clients’ needs.  Ms. Kane holds a Masters in Library and Information Sciences from Columbia University.

Scott R. Rosas, Ph.D.; Senior Consultant

scott_web_photo_2012Dr. Rosas is a Senior Consultant with Concept Systems. He has more than 15 years of evaluation experience, having led many multi-site evaluation projects.  As the lead for various evaluation projects at CSI, he facilitates all aspects of the design and implementation of the evaluation components, including the development of data collection tools, protocols for administration, and data analyses.  Dr. Rosas is an expert in the design and use of the Group Concept Mapping methodology, having conducted concept mapping projects with diverse national and international clients.

Dr. Rosas serves as the primary methodologist for CSI, leading the applied investigation of complex problems in social sciences and biomedical research.  He has published and presented on methods, techniques, and practices in evaluation.  His recent emphasis has been on measurement approaches developed from group concept mapping, with attention to the assessment of the validity and reliability of data collection tools.  At CSI, he leads the formal study of the Group Concept Mapping methodology and its application.  Since 2000, Dr. Rosas has been a member of American Evaluation Association (AEA) and previously served as a member of the AEA’s standing committee on ethics.  He received his PhD in Human Development and Family Studies from the University of Delaware, with an emphasis on program evaluation.

Ellen Slusar, B.S.; Senior Director of Operations and Finance

ellen_web_photo_2012Ms. Slusar’s role as Senior Director of Operations and Finance includes leadership responsibility for CSI operations, human resources, financial management, contract management, vendor/contractor relationships, and managing the company’s strategic planning.

Over the past twenty-five years, Ms. Slusar has held a wide range of business management positions.  Her most recent position prior to joining CSI was as the Managing Director and Business Manager at Marsteller, an integrated communications firm based out of New York City.  Her extensive experience includes strategic planning to support large revenue growth and company investments in new strategic capabilities, full service financial reporting and analysis, as well as Sarbanes Oxley compliance requirements.  Ms. Slusar is a graduate of the State University of New York at Binghamton, with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management.

Jennifer Royer, M.P.A.; Client Services Consultant


Ms. Royer joined CSI in September 2011. As a Client Services Consultant, she assists Senior Consultants in all aspects of project management, from project design and planning to final reporting. She also supports the staff at CSI with various aspects of internal operations, including GCM publications management.

Prior to joining the CSI team, Ms. Royer worked at the Broome County Legislature as a Deputy Clerk. During her four years there she provided assistance to Broome County legislators and other county department personnel, in addition to updating the county’s FOIL Program. Ms. Royer holds a Masters in Public Administration from Binghamton University and a Bachelor of Arts with focuses on Religious Studies, Middle Eastern Studies, and Sociology from Drew University.  Additionally, she holds a paralegal certificate and notary public certification.

Justin Kessler, M.A.; Client Services Consultant

justin-kessler-hatch-d160802-015sMr. Kessler began his position at Concept Systems in July 2016. His primary role at CSI is working closely with the Senior Consultants in all areas of project management including: project planning, design, tracking, research and reporting in multi-stream, multi-phase projects.

Prior to joining the CSI team, Mr. Kessler worked at Acturus, as a Research Associate where he was responsible for the design, implementation, quantitative analysis, and reporting on custom market research studies across a variety of industries. Mr. Kessler holds a Masters in International Relations from Aberystwyth University, and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Eastern Connecticut State University.  Currently, Mr. Kessler is working towards a Masters of Science in Government Analytics at Johns Hopkins University, with a concentration on policy analysis and program evaluation.

Jon Littlefield, B.A.; Technology Sales Manager

Jon Littlefield - L

Mr. Littlefield joined the CSI Team in July 2015 as the Technology Sales Representative.  He works closely with new and existing clients to provide the best software solutions for their needs.  In addition to being the primary contact for sales of CS Global MAX, Mr. Littlefield runs introductory webinars on the Group Concept Mapping methodology and helps manage training seminars.

Mr. Littlefield has more than fifteen years of experience in sales and account management.  Prior to CSI, he was the Wholesale Manager for Global Phoenix Computers, an international distributor of major brand and private label consumer electronics.  His primary role was development of new business markets inside the US and abroad. Mr. Littlefield holds a Bachelors of Arts in History and Anthropology from Ithaca College.

Matthew Hall, A.A.S.; Technical Support Specialist

matt_-_mMr. Hall joined CSI in October of 2014. He oversees the ongoing performance of the information technology infrastructure, assists in the troubleshooting of software issues reported by staff and clients, collaborates in training staff for current and new software, and provides technical assistance for teleconferences and webinars. He has previous technical experience working with students and staff on a college campus and applying large scale hardware and software maintenance procedures.

Matt earned an Associate’s Degree in Computer Information Systems, with Highest Honors, from Tompkins Cortland Community College.

Diana Crawford; Assistant Administrator

diana_web_photo_2012Ms. Crawford joined CSI in 2000.  Her duties include maintenance of the Concept Systems’ client database and invoicing system.  She also organizes CSI’s on-site training seminars and supports day-to-day needs in managing the office.  Ms. Crawford has organizational and secretarial experience in publishing, and medical and educational offices.