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We are driven by the mission to help those who do good, do better. We are dedicated to helping community based organizations, professional associations, and social service agencies catalyze the wisdom of their stakeholders to support organizational assessment, planning, management, and evaluation.  We strive to support our clients to understand and address issues of equity, tackling embedded disparities, and valuing a full range of voices to identify challenges and develop solutions.

Featured Projects

International Labour Office: We guided the ILO evaluation group through Group Concept Mapping to develop a framework for impact evaluation, and used results to facilitate staff workshops to adopt the impact model.

US Department of Justice – Justice Management Division: We conducted a nationwide, stakeholder-driven initiative to identify concrete policy, practice, and research priorities for individual and organizational stakeholders in elder abuse, elder neglect, and exploitation.

Wilmington HOPE Commission: We supported the Wilmington HOPE Commission to develop an action plan to address prevalent social and economic issues in the City of Wilmington, Delaware.

Mental Health America: We led MHA staff and stakeholders through a process to develop MHA’s strategic framework and plan. The inclusive process resulted in a robust co-created plan that provided actionable recommendations and readily usable management guidance.

UCLA Center for Research, Education, Training, and Strategic Communication on Minority Health Disparities: We supported the CRETSCMHD in developing a strategic framework and set of prioritized actions, and establishing a network of community partners to address health disparities in Los Angeles County.

Health Foundation for Western & Central New York: We helped the Foundation’s Elder Friendly Neighborhood Project focus their programming by working with a diverse group of stakeholders, including elders and caretakers, to identify elements to make aging in place easier.

“The innovations in collecting data through various means allowed for all persons to participate. The technologies kept people engaged. I personally enjoyed working with the CSI team and trusted the quality of the work they would provide.”

– Dr. Tamara Davis, Dean, Indiana University School of Social Work

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