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We’ve built our expertise and experience over 25 years of listening to and learning from our clients about their real needs.

Customizing approaches
We creatively and diligently align the right methods, adapting and innovating where needed, combining tools and approaches uniquely for each client.

Valuing all voices
Our firm excels in situations where a population’s knowledge and experience are distributed widely across a system, and there is a real need to organize and coalesce various perspectives into a coherent understanding to facilitate assessment, planning, and development.

Gaining wisdom through complexity
We combine methods that seek and organize stakeholder voices, design and manage complex processes, and develop planning and measurement frameworks, providing operational guidance to our clients.

The 4 P’s©
We work with clients to look at all aspects of their projects through the lenses of the 4 P’s©. Through all our engagements, we work with clients to keep these four questions at the center, generating solutions that respect, catalyze, and align diverse stakeholders.

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