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Launching our 25th anniversary year

Launching our 25th anniversary year

CSI President Mary Kane celebrated the launch of our company’s 25th anniversary year in Europe with friends and colleagues, celebrating the successful history of CSI’s mission-driven commitment to social and organizational change.

At our first 25th anniversary Symposium, Mary shared the evolution of CSI and the Group Concept Mapping technology that rewards participant engagement in an issue by recognizing the value of individual voice to produce a community map of solutions.  We talked about the critical importance of engaging all voices in shaping a solution, and suggested ways that GCM might support change in the current social climate.  We’re grateful to Slavi Stoyanov, our gracious host, and the people of the Open Universiteit in Heerlen, Netherlands, for their hospitality!

In Dublin, Mary attended the ISOQOL 25th Conference (a mere coincidence that we were both celebrating the silver anniversary!), and conducted an intensive workshop on the use of Group Concept Mapping to move the concept of patient engagement to a higher level for researchers, advocates and care systems; and most importantly for the patients themselves.  Mary and our friend and colleague Emil Chiauzzi of PatientsLikeMe, enjoyed the opportunity to work with each other, and learn from the participants too.

Capping the tour was a presentation of 4 published studies that applied GCM in patient environments, and having the honor of being a co-author on the “Outstanding Article of the Year” award at the Conference!  The publication, a comparison of three methods for engaging patients, is here for your interest:  A comparison of three methods to generate a conceptual understanding of a disease based on the patients’ perspective

As the year unfolds, we are eagerly planning symposia, presentations, trainings and other events that we hope you will find interesting.  Look for what’s next, right here!