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groupwisdom™ is a revolutionary new tool for Group Concept Mapping. It maintains the classic features of CS Global Max that made it the premier tool for GCM, with a new look and feel, and powerful new functions.

The power of GCM at your fingertips

not on the technology

Your project is important

It’s the good work that inspires you

Focus on answering the critical questions of your research…

…without the distraction of wrestling the technology


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The Next Generation of our
Group Concept Mapping Software

Classic Features Enhanced

✓Collect data online
✓Add data collected in offline face to face settings
✓Manage data from large varied or dispersed participant groups
✓Offer registration options to enhance participant privacy
✓Speak directly to your participants with customized messages
✓Adapt to diverse populations

Effortlessly conduct or perform:

✓Similarity matrix
✓Multidimensional scaling
✓Hierarchical cluster analysis
✓Anchoring and bridging analysis
✓Spanning analysis

Produce clear and customizable results from your data:

✓Cluster Maps
✓Cluster playback
✓Go-zones to help identify priorities
✓Statement ratings
✓Pattern matches to compare values
✓And more!

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