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CSR2R partners get coaching and just-in-time-learning about the Group Concept Mapping methodology during every project.  We are committed to knowledge and capacity transfer, and offer training programs specifically for our R2R partners, both to ensure that active projects go ever more smoothly, and that our R2R partner builds internal GCM capacity.

In addition to a basic training for your team—either at your location or ours–, we conduct webinars and seminar on the latest break-throughs, advancements and creative uses of the GCM technique to enhance the quality of your GCM experience, and lead to better data collection and analysis.

Here are some options:

Customized Training at CSI or your Location

  • Standard training customized for their industry, application
  • Valuing voice
  • Project workshops

Continuing education

  • Refresher courses
  • New techniques
  • Outside the box approaches to data collection

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