The Concept System® Software

Project license options are designed to fit the needs of your project.  Combining the right level of license with the right level of consulting and technical support, CSI will support your success in any project, small or large.

Concept Systems Global MAXTM

The new Concept Systems Global MAXTM software handles all of your data collection and analysis needs in one, easy to use website.  This software allows stakeholders to provide their brainstorming, sorting, and rating input via the Internet or offline, making participation in your project nearly effortless regardless of geographic location or time constraints.  CS Global MAXTM includes online analysis tools, making your group concept mapping analysis simpler, more intuitive, and faster than ever before.

Software Updates

Concept Systems Global MAXTM is updated and improved on a regular basis. For information on the latest changes, please visit our Release Notes page. If you have suggested improvements, please contact us at

About All Licenses

Our software licenses come with complimentary attendance at a technical webinar to orient you to the software.  Licenses are sold by the project or on an annual basis, depending upon your individual needs.  Each new license allows you to initiate a new collaborative group concept mapping project.  It results in a unique set of brainstormed statements, and captures individual sorting and rating data from participants.  The analysis of the input produces a series of interactive concept maps, pattern matches, bivariate value plots ("Go-Zones"), and statistical reports on the data and methodology.

CS Global MAXTM can be customized to collect data in more than one Latin alphabet-based language at a time.  The CS Global MAXTM web-based data collection and analysis system is supported by the latest versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Apple Safari.

For more information on packages and feature options, please contact us at 607-272-1206 or through our contact form.