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We help social-good organizations solve complex problems and tackle interesting challenges.

We are…

We are a woman-owned small business with over 25 years of experience in strategic planning, evaluation, and organizational development. We are committed to improving the quality and usability of organizations’ decision processes.

Our reputation for excellence comes from our responsive alignment of rigorous processes for each client to achieve relevant, actionable results.

Our deep knowledge of contexts in which we serve, coupled with our abilities to listen and give incisive recommendations, make us a trusted partner and collaborator.

We are mission-driven and proud to partner with people and organizations who strive for the common good.

We are expert practitioners of qualitative, quantitative, and mixed-methods approaches. Our signature methodology, Group Concept Mapping, combines simple group stakeholder processes with powerful technology to help groups develop a common understanding of their own views and priorities on topics of interest.

Mission & Values

Our mission is to help you create change, from what is to what is possible.  We support meaningful impact with understanding, collaboration, and action.

We value stakeholder voice.  We live this value by

  • Helping our clients identify whom to ask and what to ask them, using methods that generate stakeholder buy-in and produce co-authored results.
  • Actively reflecting and valuing the knowledge of groups and individuals with context and culture as critical guideposts.
  • Serving as the world experts in our flagship methodology, Group Concept Mapping, to catalyze the wisdom of the group.

We value rigor and expertise.  We live this value by

  • Continually honing our craft, learning from each other, and our peers.
  • Grounding every project with a vetted methodological approach that yields actionable results.
  • Demonstrating expertise in methods and practice through our teaching, publications, and presentations.

We value our dynamic community of clients and collaborators.  We live this value by

  • Communicating with our network about opportunities and innovations in the field and making connections across industries.
  • Highlighting the achievements of our clients and collaborators in our network.
  • Serving as a hub for organizations and individuals interested in Group Concept Mapping.

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