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Concept Systems Incorporated brings organizations working on any collaborative initiative a superior process for capturing group wisdom from different points of view.

Why Concept Systems?

Large organizations need to find common understanding when evaluating programs and initiatives.

Academic researchers want help teasing out meaningful patterns and trends in large sets of data.

Government entities look for nimble methods to facilitate knowledge development and decision making.

“We've worked with consultants for many programs, and CSI is the best organization we've worked with thus far. Everything was purpose driven. There were no extraneous processes, and it all related to our ultimate goal.”

CSI Consulting Client

Our Focus Areas

Catalyzing Community Good

We engage community members and organizations to identify common values, encouraging growth and collaboration. We value the voices of many to shape the ideas of everyone.

Surfacing Health and Social Wellness Values

We use innovative techniques to assure a shared sense of alignment from multiple stakeholders. We help connect philosophies to benefit and impact a healthier society.

Shaping Organizational Strategy

We evaluate and identify strategic areas of development. We describe priorities of needed change, encouraging organizations to be innovative in their area of expertise.

Feature story

Feature story

Feature story

Featured Webinar

Valuing Voice: The key to stakeholder driven research and effective evaluation

Tuesday, October 5, 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm EST


Mary Kane, President and Principal Consultant, Concept Systems, Inc.


Authentically documenting the lived experiences of people is critical to understanding and assessing needs, truths and possibilities. . . Valuing Voice. During this webinar, Mary Kane, President of CSI, will discuss the antecedents and principles of Valuing Voice through research and evaluation. Learn how organizations like yours that “does good” can generate greater positive results for stakeholder and organizations alike.

The Power of Group Wisdom

We capture group wisdom by matching the best social research methods to the client’s needs. Group Concept Mapping, our flagship methodology, allows you to spot trends, build group awareness, and unlock new ideas in order to solve the problems that stand in your path.

For Organizations

We help businesses and organizations quickly and intuitively unearth knowledge to innovate with Group Concept Mapping. Learn more about our services.

For Academia

Researchers and Universities use Group Concept Mapping to frame academic inquiry and construct evaluation strategies. Explore some of the hundreds of their publications.

For Government

CSI’s work with government agencies leads to high quality strategies, programs and evaluations.  We are a woman-owned small business and an approved vendor on the Federal GSA Schedule.

Group Concept Mapping streamlines planning and evaluation for hundreds of clients, capturing a group’s thinking efficiently and inclusively.
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We’d love to learn more about your work, whether you do academic research, manage a non-profit agency, or run a company. Contact us for our consultation services.


For Group Concept Mapping projects, CS Global MAX™ handles all of your data collection and analysis needs in one easy-to-use website. Sign up for a webinar and dive right in!

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We encourage you to contact us to discuss your project. We’ll match you with the right approach based on your goals, size, and budget.